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Commercial HOA Maintenance in Oregon

Spark Joy in Your HOA

Keeping your HOA happy was never simple, but boy, is it important. Let us help. Whether you’re hiring for your own HOA or an HOA you manage – keeping the property gorgeous is essential for a strong and joyous community. That’s where we come in.

Trust Spruce Box to keep your HOA looking hearty, maintained, and gorgeous. We know what it takes to keep an HOA looking strong across Portland’s seasons and various weather events. With regular maintenance, you not only delight your neighbors, but you add aesthetic value to your property and prolong the overall life of your buildings. With a climate as “unique” (to put it mildly) as Oregon’s – start taking care of your HOA with seasonal and year-round maintenance.

Don’t Let Residents Take Matters Into Their Own HOA Hands

Oregon weather is not to be messed with. Protect your buildings and keep your property looking cared for with our regular and seasonal HOA Maintenance Services. As much as someone in your HOA might love clearing gutters, it’s best to leave such adventures to the pros. From the aforementioned gutter cleaning to dryer vent cleaning, floor scrubbing, lightmapping and checks, and winterization, we’ll do it all, without even guilting Ole Mrs. Jackson down the hall. Keep your community happy and beautiful by hiring an outside maintenance company to keep your HOA looking as sharp as its residences.

Let our network of qualified, professional contractors create a custom maintenance schedule that matches your property and its resident’s needs. Keep your property and your residents safe by leaving the maintenance to the Pros. We’re on it and dedicated to getting your HOA looking as sharp as Picky Mr. Rogers can imagine.

Some Industries that SpruceBox Caters but not limited to:

  • Retail & Shopping Malls
  • Corporate Offices
  • Municipal Government
  • Restaurants
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Hospitals & Health Care Centers
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Assisted & Senior Living
  • Day Cares
  • Schools and Universities
  • Local Businesses
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Veterinary Clinics
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We’ll Help You Keep it Together

We know keeping an HOA looking sharp is hard. Let us help. With years in the industry, we’re dedicated to providing service that is excellent, affordable, and efficient. By having us on board for the long-term, we commit to developing a deep understanding of everything you and your property needs to keep your HOA healthy, organized, and awesome. (And much, much more.) With this deep understanding of your property, we’ll be able to anticipate the potential issues, suggest upcoming projects, and complete unique tasks that might be presented by your specific HOA. Beyond that, with our in-depth long-term relationship, we promise to provide a level of care and maintenance that will save you capital, frustration, and stress in the long run.

We don’t believe in quick fixes and short-term solutions. When we sign up to work on an HOA, we’re in it for the long-run. We believe in providing long-term plans of action, so you can trust us with your property. We’re committed to helping your HOA flourish and your HOA’s beauty and value increase over the years. We believe in long-term relationships. When we sign on with your HOA, we’re in for good.

How We Do HOAs

Beyond that, we actually love HOA maintenance. From winterization and climate adjustment to lawn care and landscaping, we actually love helping your HOA look as welcoming and warm as our own abodes and communities. With our amazing HAO team of professional contractors and technicians, we’re always available for any unforeseen maintenance adventures that may arise. Whether your HOA needs a preventative maintenance program or an all-encompassing landscaping and repair service, we’re in for it.

Once you’re on board, we’ll create a HOA Maintenance Plan and Calendar that’ll cover the lifespan of your building, giving you a long term roadmap to success. Gone are the days of calling a different contractor every time something came up. Instead, we’ll keep you posted of any and all upcoming services and get it done without you ever having to worry. We’ll schedule and bill as best works for you and keep your life frustrated and hassle-free (at least on the HOA maintenance side). We know managing an HOA is hard work – let us make it a little easier.

Make Your HOA a Little Happier Today

Spruce Box makes managing an HOA a little easier. With our system of lifelong maintenance schedules, our team of professionals, and our dedication to supporting local communities, we know how to go the distance for you and your HOA. Focus more on building your community and less on maintaining it. That’s what Spruce Box is for. Join us now for a Happier HOA Today.

What can Spruce Box do for you?

  • Licensed and professional technicians and contractors
  • Transparent and straight-forward process
  • Quality customer service
  • Handyman and Handywoman Services
  • Online scheduling



15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!

June 18, 2021

The kitchen has a lot of moving parts. While that means you can get a lot done in your kitchen, it unfortunately also means that a lot can go wrong. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most popular kitchen problems that you’ll encounter.


1. Dishwasher Not Draining

If the water isn’t draining out of your dishwasher, you could have one (or more) of a few problems. You’ll need to check the filter, the drain hose, and the drain itself for any blockages. A malfunctioning dishwasher can be odorous, inconvenient, and expensive if not fixed quickly!

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing

2. Broken Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are one of the great modern comforts. But, they are also pretty prone to failure. A broken garbage disposal can mean blockage, foul smells, or worse. As a general rule, if you’ve pressed the reset button and your disposal still isn’t working, it may be time to call a professional. 

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing


3. Leaky Faucet

Drip, drip, drip — anyone with a leaky faucet knows how terrible that sound can be. Corroded valve seats, worn-out washers, or bad o-rings are all common causes of leaky faucets. There are a lot of reasons that faucets may leak, some more serious than others. But if left unchecked, a leaky faucet could cause water damage, increased utility bills, or just plain annoyance.

Leaky Faucet Fixing


4. Cracked Backsplash and Tiling

Cracked tiling anywhere can be a sign of a much larger problem! Cracked tiling may mean serious foundation problems. If you find cracked tiles in your kitchen, it’s best to have a professional diagnose the extent of the problem. Call Now!

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing


5. Range Hood Not Clearing Smoke

Your range hood not clearing smoke could mean a few things. You may have clogged ductwork or a faulty motor. No matter the cause, though, a malfunctioning range hood could lead to much larger problems with your ventilation if left unchecked.

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing


6. Failing Subfloor

If part of your kitchen floor seems to be sunken in or declining from the rest of your floor, you may have a failing kitchen subfloor. The subfloor is one of the most important parts of your home — in essence, it supports your floor. If you have a damaged subfloor, it’s extremely important to get that taken care of…ASAP!

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing


7. Warm Fridge or Freezer

Just like the structure of your home, your appliances can run into problems as well. A poorly operating appliance can ruin the food or run up your utility bills. If your fridge or freezer isn’t cold, you may not need to buy a new one. But, you will likely have to call a professional! 


8. Need New Molding

Crown molding can help give your kitchen cabinets the support they need. Modern, stylish molding can also increase your property value and eventual return on investment. 

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!

9. Limited Countertop Space

Limited counter space can be an aesthetic and functional problem in your kitchen. Not only does having extra space look great, but it provides more working surfaces for people while they are cooking. Without enough counter space, your kitchen can appear cluttered and messy. This can significantly lower your property value.

Try adding a kitchen island, or extending your countertops to fix this common problem.

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!


10. Cracked Granite Countertops

Just like limited space can lower perceived value, damaged countertops can also hurt your kitchen. While some minor flaws are considered acceptable or even desirable, cracked granite poses a serious danger to the integrity of your kitchen counters. Some cracks in counters can be repaired with epoxy or filler, while more serious ones may need replacing.

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!

11. Insufficient or Harsh Lighting

Insufficient or harsh lighting can significantly lower the overall value of your kitchen. Poor lighting can affect everything from the mood of your space to the way your food looks! We suggest ditching outdated, fluorescent tube lights and opting for a more modern option.


12. Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation in your kitchen can lead to toxic emissions, stale smells, and stuffy air. These are all problematic, of course. In fact, according to a study funded by the Department of Energy, cooking with a gas stove as little as once a week can emit levels of pollutants that would be illegal outdoors. This is an often-overlooked problem that can devalue your property or even harm your overall living experience.

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!



13. Insufficient Storage Space

The more you can do in your kitchen, the more equipment you will likely have. Unfortunately, this type of gear can be bulky and intrusive. If you don’t have enough storage space for your kitchen, you’ll end up with a cluttered, seemingly cramped kitchen. Installing new cabinets and appliance garages can help solve this problem.

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!



14. Broken Water Pipes

Left unchecked, broken pipes can lead to catastrophic water damage. A broken pipe can destroy your foundation, walls, and ceiling. If you bust a pipe in your kitchen, it’s best to call a professional immediately!

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!



15. Damaged Cabinets

Damaged cabinets can also devalue your property — because of both aesthetics and function. It’s important that your kitchen cabinetry works well and matches the rest of your decor. 

15 Common Kitchen Problems That NEED Fixing!


Spruce Box Can Help

Those are some of the most common kitchen problems. As you can see, most of these aren’t exactly ‘small’ projects to fix. Luckily, Spruce Box is here to help. Our team of expert contractors can take care of all of these issues — and more! Forget about spending hours, days, or weeks running around town meeting contractors. Spruce Box can bring honest, experienced kitchen contractors to your home to fix all of your kitchen problems. Call today and schedule a consultation!